Question:So which elementals are worth putting all the time in grinding them up to level 8?

  Answer: I personally enjoy grinding in this game and I got the end level spells to level 8 but they still didn't really seem worth it. What I found more interesting was getting stuff like the Gloves or the Spear to level 8 and watching the cool animations after charging it for twenty seconds just to have it miss all the enemies on screen. If you have a everdrive/SD2SNES you can use a patched version of this game that makes the gameplay harder, magic do less damage and your weapons actually do slightly different attacks (you can do powerful close range attacks or less powerful long range attacks) and your Ai partners can teleport through walls so they don't get stuck. Look up Zhade's or Moppu's improvement hacks. If you plan on staying with vanilla then I would just level up Undine for healing power, Fire because I like seeing the dragons on the screen and maybe Luna to transform the enemies into rabites in the final area (those ninjas will f**k you up)

  Answer: I already asked this before in another thread but I think it would be more appropriate to ask it in this one: I was going to start the game for the first time and now that I saw your thread I wanted to ask something: Does anyone knows a good walkthrough for the 100%? Also, what do I need for a "100%"? inb4 play it blind I know, I know and you are right. I'm not interested in being hand-holded, I just want a walkthrough to pick all missable items and that stuff, like opening all chests... that kind of thing

  Answer: 1) there are no missables because if you miss anything, the game throws those things you missed back at you soon after. Example: say you miss a chest in place F, yeah? You go to place G and finish it then on to place H and you find another chest. You open it and get the item. But what's this? The chest didn't disappear and it's closed all over again. So now you open it a second time and the thing you missed in place F will be inside. No, you can't go back to place F to open the forgotten chest because it will have disappeared. 2) there is nothing keeping track of "100%" and no guide for "100%ing" this game because there's literally zero way to not 100% it, short of the tiny side quests, like the sea hare's tail. If you play it like you would any RPG, you'll get everything, so "go in blind" is the best advice for this particular instance. Also, why would it matter? Games are for having fun. Checklists are not fun. They're busy work. Have fun and just f**king play the goddamn game, holy s**tting f**k.

  Answer: Wisp, because Heal Light is essential and spamming the bat boss with light magic is better than fighting him fairly.

  Answer: Yeah I'm not really sure how you could do a 100% run other than opening certain chests but that was already explained. I have beaten the game many times and I would say try it blind but be aware that you should have the Magic rope before you get the Sprite. Try and find the sea hare yourself (i wasn't able to) and if you can't then look it up on GameFAQs. For the most part this game is very linear and everything is in your main walking path that you need to get. I always enjoyed talking to everybody in each village to get more info on the storyline but that's about it. When measuring something really small on a jobsite we use the term C-Hare (cunt hair) "move it just a little bit, yeah like one c-hair" and it makes me laugh because I think of the Sea Hare in Secret of Mana.

  Answer: Spring Beak I thought he was immune to my physical attacks but somebody in the hacking forum posted the hit boxes for the bosses. Turns out if you hit his beak at any point during your attack then it does 0 damage. You basically have to hit the back of his head and make sure your weapon doesn't also touch any of his beak pixels which is hard because he keeps turning. I have beaten him with just weapons but it took around 15 minutes and I was overlevelled. In contrast I can k*ll him in less than a minute with just magic.


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