Question:Why does almost everyone here favor console older games? I rarely see pc games and even amiga etc. I...

  Answer: Most of the adult men into console games are the meme open mouthed really pathetic ones. You might have a point here.

  Answer: The theads were good before the "vaporwave/aesthetic" crowd moved in and started spamming Possessioner screencaps. They weren't exactly loved in the JP PC threads either.

  Answer: I play those games but I like the console ports with voices and visual scenes and CD music

  Answer: That's how they started. People took interest in the systems beyond graphics but there's little to discuss among EOPs.

  Answer: PC games for the most part aren't as good. The best ones are interesting more than they are beautiful timeless classics.

  Answer: Why make up s**t for threads you weren't around for, when the archive exists? Here's one circa 2014 where people are discussing games.

  Answer: I was there from the very beginning in 2013. Before tripfags pushed general s**t. And you can't deny the EOPtry in that thread.

  Answer: some people talking about learning JP some people who know JP some EOP's playing translations some people collecting stuff some people sharing music Just read the whole thread, that's what I saw. You're really offended that some people who don't read moonrunes dared visit the thread? You didn't see anyone spamming "AESTHETIC" crap did you? I didn't see anyone whining about EOPs either.

  Answer: Well i'm a 1999 zoomer so I grew up on games like Gothic and Age of Empires (if they can be considered classic)

  Answer: I remember some fondly but I never had many pc games, so I talk about consoles more often. Also easy flashcarts make trying and discussing or s**t posting about a particular console game easier. Also, since nesticle was a thing, console games were my most played thing on a pc. Also until win 95 was a thing, adoption rates for home computers were abysmally low.

  Answer: And it never went anywhere so there was nothing more to talk about. Having a tripfag take up a quarter of the thread is pretty telling.

  Answer: thread went all the way to bump limit nothing more to talk about It morphed into a general with nonstop discussion about everything JP PC related because there was nothing more to talk about? Quit LARPing already, anyone can read the thread themselves and see you're full of s**t.

  Answer: I'm not talking about that one thread but the topics as a whole. As was originally noted those threads are no longer posted on this board. And a big reason for that is that not enough users learned Japanese to actually have things to talk about beyond aesthetics etc.

  Answer: And I said they originally started out as aesthetic threads in 2013 and people started to actually take interest in the machines and games. I stopped posting once the general stuff started and noted them stagnating further and further.

  Answer: PC just doesn't register in my brain when it comes to old vidya, because it's not something I played vidya on as a kid. Or rather, the only games I had were edutainment stuff like super solvers, math blaster, reader rabbit, etc. So in my mind there was always a barrier between "computer games" (which were all educational stuff and simulations) and "real video games" that were on my consoles hooked up to the TV. I sadly never actually got around to playing PC games until the 2000s when my friends clued me in and showed me how there was much more to the platform than just that stuff.

  Answer: obvious h-game stealth thread that got deleted where OP mentioned PC-98 to make it look legit half of thread is porn spam rest is people saying to f**k off Nice try. By this standard, all the s**tposting threads on /vr/ right now are entirely legit posting about retro games. Post a thread actually about JP PC's and not obvious bulls**t.

  Answer: Now those posters have left, the threads are gone. Not many serious posters left on 4chan these days. The site's anonymity has reached a point of gross abuse among shills and troll farmers. I'm not sure why I keep dropping in. Pretty much all I do is report s**tposting and hope some kind of improvement will come of it.

  Answer: A lot of people didn't have computers back then. In kindergarten (1995) my teacher took a poll, with half of the kids having no computers at home, and the other half having a single computer. My family was the outlier, possessing three. They were expensive and if you were a kid, not as easy or fun as slotting in your Mario cart.

  Answer: m8 the retro FPS threads are by far the fastest threads on this board.

  Answer: You're probably not wrong. That being said, it's also much easier to revisit console titles and that keeps them fresh in the mind. I should really revisit Lands of Lore sometime, and I still have a lot of love for Beyond Zork / Return to Zork / Zork Grand inquisitor. Dune 2000. TIE Fighter I've heard is borked on steam so I've held off buying it there. Master of Magic, Master of Orion 2. ZZT and Megazeux. All the early Wing Commanders.

  Answer: objectively right opinion coming through!! console market was much larger compared to PC market. that's it.

  Answer: Because most old PC games are s**t. There are plenty of fps, rpg and rts PC games discussed because those were the good genres on PC. Consoles games always seemed cartoonish and a lot simplistic, maybe that's the aesthetic appeal for some people? Game play elements don't seem that deep so I fail to see the appeal so much as an adult. That isn't true at all. Even Mario is really not very cartoonish before world, fantasy elements =/= cartoonish.

  Answer: Lots of sonyggers too sadly. Retro cutoff should be 4th gen. Anyway op stop being an attention w**re faggot "boohoo why don't you guys like my s**tty dungeons and dragons simulators". If you want to discuss pc games do it without whining, fag.

  Answer: How about lurk more than six minutes before s**tting out your hot take about the state of the board. There are tons of PC game threads and you're free to make one as well instead of this s**tty wrong thread.

  Answer: The only games in my GoG library are Stonekeep, HoMM3, Alone in the Dark trilogy, and Planescape. I'll talk about those with you OP.

  Answer: Because a lot of people your age either hanged themselves, were drinking bleach and knew their lives were worthless outside of the older PC games then quit. Consoles games always seemed cartoonish and a lot simplistic, maybe that's the aesthetic appeal for some people? PC graphics were based on too much realism and became too time consuming and boring looking by today's standards. Console games did not because they were cartoonish and simplistic. The only pc game threads are doom/blood/duke etc. Not if you make threads or actually read into other threads. You make assumptions too easily.

  Answer: Because a lot of people your age either hanged themselves, What kind of talk is that? The person here most likely to hang themselves is 100% you who brought it up out of nowhere.

  Answer: No, actually the person most likely to hang themselves here is me! I tried to do it once before and have a new plan to try it again, with guaranteed success.


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