Answer:Google impermanence, also please remember that ultimately it's a meme and all stuff is illusory anyway

they're not too bad, just lacking a creative vision in order to be innovative

but yeah, they're bloated and everyone is buying into their products _sad_panda

  Answer:I don't know about the other ones, but definitely Nintendo. They just remaster the same game since Game Cube and Links Awakening looks like a Unity project made by some Uni student.

  Answer:Welcome to my world since 2007 when gaming TRULY hit the mainstream wall and broke through. Glad your age finally caught up. Because this is how I feel about the company's I grew up with catering to YOUR generation of ADHD cancer.

square and enix before the merger
even Nintendo's first party titles have been zoomerized for casuals with the most simplistic design, so far given up that mario maker was necessitated out of their laziness.

If your generation had any taste, had any common sense, had any direction of standard for videogames, you wouldn't be here now complaining, but now you have to suffer like all of us old fags.

  Answer:lmao, I actually do make games myself, but it's only lazy and opportunistic mobile garbage which I wouldn't play myself. not too bad of a hobby, though, since managing to tap on a meme for free publicity can really yield some results with low effort.

  Answer:greedy, uninspired, political and all-around LAME
i don't think any of those fits fromsoft

  Answer:all Western devs
I mean this in the most unironic, un-baiting way, but play Japanese games.

  Answer:It honestly wouldn't surprise me if we have another big videogame crash. Wipe the slate clean and start over.

I am familiar with this theory. Considering how it seems to happen time and time again, how come corporations never seem to know better, and end up falling to the same mistakes as countless others have before?

1. sometimes it works
2. they don't care, they just want it to be bigger and make more money

  Answer:It's structural. A public corporation's actual product is it's stock price and it's primary directive is to create short term value for shareholders no matter what. People literally consider doing anything else to be stealing from investors. It's like a math equation if you plug the same things into the same relationship every time you'll get the same results.

  Answer:all western

Well theres your problem. Japs and indies are the way to go. Western companies are lead by people who do not care for video games.

square and enix before the merger
This anon is the only one who truly knows suffering.

You've said as much as I have, in less words.
Brevity is clearly not my strength, well done.

  Answer:is Nintendo really thet bad? I mean smash and breath of the wild were pretty good and Mario odyssey maybe. still not as bad as wii u was

  Answer:and good games will be the focus again
no, mobage will be the focus, oldschool gaming will die. the only reason we lived through the first crash was because nintendo swooped onto an empty scene, now the gaming is too big for another nintendo and has direct competition from the single normiest gaming format imaginable

  Answer:It's the same in most western countries. On the other hand, idk if countries that use corporations as extensions of govt power are any better.
The USA and Europe might prioritize (((investors))) over everything else in corporate law, but then countries like China (national socialist Germany, etc) focus on using corporations as tools of the state and the interactions there are just as oppressive and tyrannical.
It's a crazy world man, and corporations no matter how they're implemented and used, seem like they'll be sticking around for a while.

  Answer:Breath of the wild is the only game that was a little bit different but they are far away from all the innovative and new stuff they did on the GC and 64.

  Answer:Unironically turn to indie games and stop playing AAA garbage. They're better and have far more love poured into them.

  Answer:Thank you. It is indeed astounding to see how little people understand how these massive entities actually work.
These are the most influential organizations of our age, they wield massive power to create and destroy. Our democracies are bought and paid for by these entities, and no one even understands why lootboxes are currently the equivalent of a corporate gold rush. Sure they understand its about profits, but they don't really understand why. They don't see the institutional structures that result in the same behavior, time and time again.
Why does every company (eventually) try to reduce wages, import cheap labor, cut benefits, lower quality, offshore production, etc?
Because these are the easiest way to maximize quarterly returns to investors.
There needs to be a balance. I'm fine with investor profits, but not at the expense of the products and companies I've grown to trust; because after a certain point, they're simply using that trust as leverage to boost their profits at the expense of everything else.

  Answer:You're either extremely picky, not looking hard enough, or completely devoid of being able to have fun if you really think that.
What genres do you like? I'm sure there's something out there that could appeal to you.

  Answer:Nah, every time some faggot comes on here preaching the sanctity of Indie games they end up having the trashiest tastes. Literally bing bing wahoo tier.

  Answer:Nintendo has been pretty decent this year. So has been Square-Enix.

what has SE done this year besides KH3 being lame and a port of DQ11?

  Answer:Bringing SaGa Scarlet Grace, SD3 and Romancing SaGa 3 to the west makes them decent imo. KH3 was also fine (not good, tho), and the Crystal Chronicles remaster looks OK.

  Answer:KH3 was also fine (not good, tho)

I agree. What we got was okay but the potential was so much more.

  Answer:this is the eff pee bee pee
this guy sucks cocks and is like 12 years late to this realization.

  Answer:Hotline Maimi, Cuphead, Papers Please, FTL, Meat Boy, Darkest Dungeon, Cave Story, Rust, Meinkraft, Blasphemous and Keshi were pretty good

  Answer:Cave Story
Hotline Maimi
Papers please
Darkest Dungeon

So 15 years and 10 games

  Answer:if you just need 6 more
Spelunky, Kerbal Space, World of Goo, Hard Reset, Serious Sam, Shovel Knight, Geneforge and 2hu as well

  Answer:Wold of goo is a ripoff from another game and Geneforge is demoware, spelunky is just terraria.

  Answer:AAA games at least have the ability to do something different. Indie games were good for about 5 years until the kikes followed the money trail.

  Answer:Huh? When was the last time there was an AAA title doing something different that wasn't making a protagonist of the tenth game in a series a woman?

  Answer:videogames are cancer
so japanese video games are quintessentially videogames in a nutshell


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