Question:What are some of the worst areas in video games?

  Answer:Phazon Mines in Metroid Prime 1.

The atmosphere is awesome, but it's a complete pain to play through.

  Answer:you literally have a map that shows your backtracking
you literally have items you can put down to show where you have already been
Is anime anal rodeo the ultimate brainlet filter?

  Answer:Jesus Christ, did someone just click on the "randomize" button and put the first result into the game?

  Answer:Is code Vein all essentially a big dungeon crawler rather than interesting locations to explore? Themed mazes?

  Answer:he thinks it's about the """"puzzle""""
No, retard. It's a slog to go through and goes on for too long. It isn't an interesting or well designed area to begin with.
It's reussed assets x100 the map.

  Answer:but you can still be surprised
Oh nooo, dude hanging off a path. It got me spooked for the 20th time!

  Answer:I liked the part with two locked doors that forced you to find the gap in the fence and figure out that you're gonna be making a lot of drops in that area. It is a massive pain to navigate but they clearly put some thought into it.

  Answer:YHVH's Universe from SMTIV:Apocalypse. Game should've ended with Cosmic Egg. Boss fight was cool though

  Answer:Oh yeah, I did this yersteday, it was nice looking over the edges to trace your future route until you figure out which tower you're supposed to drop from.

  Answer:This area reminds me of an action game on the PS2, forgot the name. Was all white like this.

  Answer:I finished that area 3 days ago and haven't played the game since. Thanks for reminding me I should pick it back up.
Don't really have much faith in the level design for the rest of the game, hopefully it's better though. Heard bad things about a desert...

  Answer:This is exactly the reason I'm staying at 77. I arbitrarily stopped there, but going through true ng to get all the endings, I'm farming the rest of the skills. I get skill points from cathedral onwards. Was thinking I'd level up after everything is mastered, but decided against it in case the dlc adds more blood codes.

  Answer:Cleared this the second time in like 20 minutes what is so bad about it? Oh no you have to take detours if you want everything how horrible

  Answer:Reminder that the devs said NG+5 is where the real challenge starts

Have you cleared NG+5?

  Answer:Yes and I was so disappointed when I realized it. The game sucks cock unless you just want dark souls combat with literally no discernible aim or sense of direction. The plot is braindead too so I was basically just looking forward to exploration.


  Answer:The crashed frigate was tedious, but super comfy. It also wasn't dangerous, so I didn't mind it too much. Prime did have some major issues with backtracking in general though.

  Answer:It doesn't look that complex yet many peiple are going "wtf is that complexity". What's going on?

  Answer:Thing is you don't have to go there without the grav suit but the game trolls you and tells you to go there.

  Answer:It's baby first maze.
Idiots that doesn't use their eyes and brains will have trouble.
The design could have been better but it's not harder than your typical dungeon crawler.
Or maybe most of soulsfags are retarded

  Answer:Nothing on the map is unique. The pathing just never stops splitting and its the longest area in the game. They reuse the same assets nonstop so you cannot tell if you've been there before without the map.

  Answer:Nah, it's not really a labyrinth. Your minimap shows where you've been, and while there are splitting paths, most of them end up at dead ends relatively soon, or loop back on themselves. It's obviously hard to navigate if you're looking for a lost item, but it's not that difficult to progress through it.

  Answer:What's with all the randomly places buttresses
Not stopping to fap to every asses.

  Answer:It's nothing to do with any difficulty for me, it just gives me headaches looking at it and going around circular staircases. It's a combination of bizarre architecture, monotone colour and going movement.

  Answer:Lol, maybe I should play it then, because apparently I like torturing myself. Even though when I'm being objective I find the core mapping mechanic of EO tedious as hell, I still keep coming back to it

  Answer:As someone that has navigated something like 90 percent of the entire thing, I can confirm that you Can Not create something so Maddening by accident. So many switchbacks, leaps of faith, treasure chests JUST OUT OF REACH, and TOWERS IN TOWERS that ONLY an absolute MAD MAN could have conceived of such a Nightmare.

So naturally I've been enjoying it.

  Answer:honestly the only actually frustrating part of the place is the 6 towers at the end cos you wind up retreading the same ground a lot trying to figure out how to get to the correct level of the towers.

  Answer:Even though when I'm being objective I find the core mapping mechanic of EO tedious as hell
Use Automap brah

  Answer:Dude, I think you missed a Regen Booster somewhere between the Lader Level and the Gated Room Mistle.

...Or was it the Boss state?

  Answer:Thankfully, the minimap gives you a trail of where you've been even if you haven't mapped it.

  Answer:I really don't remember this floor as anything but a pretty fun floor. If anything it stands out because i actually recognize it from the map and remember it, even though i only played through EO once.

  Answer:Obscure line of sight and makes it impossible to use landmarks.

5 DO know what a Flying Buttress is, right?
'Cause I can't tell if you do.

  Answer:Honestly, it could have been non-Euclidian and I wouldn't have noticed. After that first segment my Spacial Awareness gave up and I entered a Zen like trance of randomly wandering around, not caring if I found treasure, enemies, or the next Mistle.

  Answer:lmao code vein looks like that?
they straight up copied dark souls
into the trash it goes

  Answer:don't blame the game if you get filtered by the first real dungeon, the desert is great. Actually, kill yourself pleb.

  Answer:Getting to the top half of the floor requires you to backtrack through the previous three floors of the teleporter maze with enemies that WILL wipe your party and reset your progress if you get ambushed. And sometimes even if you don't get ambushed.

Reminder that every stratum needs to be painted its own color or you're a filthy pleb. :&)

  Answer:Anor londo was based off a real place, and the japanese have a boner for that place so it pops up a lot in these sorts of games.

  Answer:I know it was, but considering the game is already just anime Dark Souls, this seems a bit much.

  Answer:Reminder that anyone unironically comparing the Cathedral to Anor Londo is a literal casual tourist.

  Answer:it copies more than that, even the early game structure is basically "go one of two ways and ring two be- I MEAN REVIVE TWO BLOOD SPRINGS"

  Answer:Clearly you're either blind, biased towards EO, or have some desperate need for attention.

  Answer:Yeah but that only works once. You need to reload your home base or stuff if you die even once or fall down or go back to the previous mistle. Because the dots from "I've been here before" mix up with the "I need to go through here to get there" ones. Because the entire area has like 3 layers and the dots don't show you whether you've been on layer 1, 2 or 3. It just shows you you've been in that spot before.

Do you consider diablo 2 act 3 as poison swamp? Because it was one of the best acts, imo

Thanks for reminding me that I should think about getting that game again

I'll probably forget again but one day I'll get it.

  Answer:God BN1 Internet areas were horrible. Looking back it somewhat resembles the start of the real world Internet with its wild mess and limited scope.

  Answer:Area is not hard it's annoying and boring with enemies that agro from far away with water slowing you down. With enemy spam.
It over stays it's welcome and has the easiest boss in the game.

  Answer:The worst area in DaS 3 is Farron Swamp. It’s a literal slog every single playthrough. DaS 3 has a lot of swamps in general, two major ones, the other of which comprises The Ringed City, a decision which boggled my mind. I understand it was meant to show the city was consumed by the abyss, but the downtown portion, as little as we see of it, of the Ringed City was gorgeous, and we see a lot of it in the background too.

What? I thought I would get lost in the swamp or that it would take too long but the level was pretty short and really easy to navigate, the mini map does wonder for that level, even though the devs for some retareded reason made it auto rotate by default with no option to turn it off.

  Answer:devs for some retareded reason made it auto rotate by default with no option to turn it off.
I always like a static minimap that always faces north but I think they went extra retarded by not playing some indication to as where North is, so I end up using the menu map a lot anyway.

  Answer:I don't remember Anor Londo being this bad design-wise. I mean it had some cheesy areas, like the archers, but overall it was pretty straightforward.

  Answer:The place is actually well designed
proceeds to argue that it is poorly designed on every level
good job dude

  Answer:Only part I had was getting into the church with the broken window, I fell off the first time I had to jump because of the sloped geometry and I thought it was inaccessible and a hint for later in the level. Turns out I was just retarded

  Answer:reading comprehension
The level design is good but it takes too long and is copy pasted all over the place which makes it boring.

  Answer:It's not linear you faggot. Linear means you're going from point A to point B, with little to no deviations. Cathedral is the polar opposite of that.

  Answer:How is it not linear? Just because the path branches doesn't mean it isn't linear because one path is blocked until you go through the other to unlock it so progression is always the same save for a few optional rooms.

  Answer:This place is intentionally designed to drive you crazy. Whoever designed this level is a troll, they knew exactly what they were doing. As long as you remember to drop down whenever you can, it becomes much easier to navigate. That's pretty much the theme of the whole drop.

Drop down whenever you can, I cannot stress this enough.

  Answer:You might as well say life itself is linear, if you're going to ignore all the things that can make life complicated.

  Answer:Code Vein would be non-linear if you could tackle the successors in any order, but as is it's a pretty straightforward path from beginning to end, save doing the howling pit or butterfly first.

  Answer:You're strawmaning hard. There is only one path through the level that leads to the boss. Its a linear stage.

  Answer:Doesn't even make sense that its not set up that way. Some minor changes to story is all they'd need to add some much needed choice into progress route.

  Answer:one path is blocked until you go through the other to unlock it so progression is always the same save for a few optional rooms.
Describes Dark Souls to a T. The branching paths are bigger, sure, but in the end it's all very linear.

  Answer:Alright fine, it's linear. But I still think the level still sucks, and I'm not changing my stance on that.

  Answer:But I still think the level still sucks
So I do, the fact its linear is part of its issue. I think you have me confused with another anon.

  Answer:annoying enough time to try to get through this place for the first run
now I have to return to it for sidequests and forgot the paths

  Answer:thats what you get for not being thorough, vestiges are not a sidequest, you should be getting those on your first time through.

  Answer:All the vestiges connected to the successors are, beecause if you don't get them you can't stop them turning into a pile of albino mouse droppings.

  Answer:Green Maze from Landstalker
not only is it a multi-layered, multi-tile maze, trees can obfuscate paths in the maze

  Answer:It also makes perfect sense from an in-universe perspective, really. Aurora wants to keep everyone away from the Source rather than caring about her own life and defense, so why not make an absolutely labyrinthine hellhole that would turn possible intruders around all the time at every possible opportunity?

  Answer:Hey guys our team just finished their Houdini training so we're going to get our moneys worth out of that and make a bog standard procedural dungeon.

  Answer:The Cathedral reminded me breakable boxes were even in the game with how much they stuck out compared to the rest of the level.

  Answer:Those side quests are never more than a 10 second walk away from a mistle. They could have simply not included their side quests and the game would honestly be better.

  Answer:Good enemies, not too easy or not too tough
I'd agree if the knights couldn't 360noscope you while you try to get from A to B during your exploration.

  Answer:It's just a little bit of bloom. I can understand why'd it'd be a pain if you don't get out so much.

  Answer:Probably none of you 12 year old nigglets will know what I'm talking about but the worst area I've ever seen in video game is the hall of the past in Wizardry 7.
I like maze like dungeons and I would even defend the mines in Wizardry 6, but the hall of the past has 8 floors and no less than 60 teleporters and stairs. You can make a map and still get lost.
Not to mention it's a late game are with late game enemies.

  Answer:the sanctuary isn't even bad if you're a barb with leap
why are you playing as a non barb?

  Answer:I've been accidentally earthbounded in the year of our lord 2019

Can't say I'm even mad honestly. Thanks for the info.

  Answer:code Vein all essentially a big dungeon crawler
Nothing wrong with that.
If there's a Code Vein 2, i hope there's more emphasis on depth exploration

  Answer:It really is strangely convenient how it ONLY happens with bosses or their cutscenes. I even went back to Throat's arena with my normal graphic settings and there was no crash.

  Answer:every megaten game out there, and they're generally considered good games, I'm liking this game cause it reminds me of ps2 era smt games


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