Question:Why am I attracted to cool, aloof women?

  Answer:Supports don't change, but flavor text and endings do change between houses for each character.

  Answer:your mother never loved you but you, and acted coldly toward you but you keep seeking her validation even in other women

  Answer:Actually my mother was very loving and nurturing, but my father wasn't around so she had to work two jobs and I probably didn't get to see her as much as I wanted, which is probably why I'm interested in mature women and women with motherly personalities to fill the void of maternal attention I never got enough of in my formative years.

Also I had a little brother and we would often compete for her limited time and attention, hence why I pursue women who make me feel as if I need to earn their affection.

  Answer:I meant only in the Black Eagles. If you join Edelgard you lose Flayn no matter what and the ability to recruit the other church members

  Answer:Are you implying that a man's value is determined by whether or not he's slept with a woman?
Not that guy, but it sort of is. Also it's determined by how much money he makes and how willing he is to protect women and children.

Meanwhile a woman's value is determined by how attractive she is and that alone.

  Answer:I don't know either, anon. I think it's because I'm introverted too so I can relate to them, and I also wish I was as cool as they are.

  Answer:Hey, I wish cool aloof women were real too. But they're not. The closest you'll get is some art hoe that reads a lot of Deleuze. She thinks she's aloof, but in the end it's just daddy issues.

  Answer:Involuntary celibate. A virgin who usually despises women he has never met because of a lack of social graces, and the internet fuels his hatred by telling him men of his ilk (unattractive, unathletic, with nerdy interests) can't get women, especially the women that "Chad" can get. The hatred causes one of three things to happen: the incel "renounces" sex, deludes himself into thinking that his misery and failure with women applies to over 95% of all men, and that women are all out to use men and leave them the moment they no longer have need of them, all the while never being faithful to anyone except to Chad. These men then go on online forums with other similar-minded losers and agree to "blackpill" people whenever possible about their delusions. They also delude themselves into thinking they no longer want sex from women and will get very mad when called incels as they consider themselves volcels (voluntary celibates).
The second thing that might happen is a rejection of the reality around them, and an extreme focus on the escapism their nerdy interests provide - these interests usually being anime and video games. They start to spend all their waking hours consuming products of each media, idolizing the unrealistic anatomy and contrived personalities of the female characters therein, claiming that they're okay that real human women do not like them, as they have imaginary women to comfort them in their minds. Pernicious to the mind and body, these men tend to get terribly obese and lose interest in personal hygiene - the chance of disease is high, and so is the chance of suicide when the delusion no longer holds up.

  Answer:The third and final, and perhaps rarest, transformation of the incel is that of an orbiter. Being a social recluse, the only form of community the incel can find is online, in the many forums dedicated to discussing either what ails him or his hobbies. And here, like is the case with escapist, the incel comes to find the object of his desire, an e-girl. These type of girls, usually white, share the same nerdy interests as the incel. They like anime and video games, are reasonably attractive, though many are underage but would rather not say that, and may engage in cosplay. The reason the incel is overwhelmingly attracted to the e-girl is primarily because of her looks, and because of the commonality they share in interests and backgrounds - the e-girl will often share with her followers that she has been bullied, or that she has never been anything other than a wallflower; she's quiet, is apparently free of all emotional baggage, or at the very least, the incel can't perceive it and thus it eludes his mind. And thus in finding an attractive women, sharing his interests, and being as much as a sensitive, broken snowflake as he is, the incel begins to "orbit" her. He stalks her social media pages, perhaps attempts to talk to message, but all the same he just goes on and on observing her, knowing deep down that they will never meet, but all the same imagining the what if scenario, and building this image in his mind of what she is like despite having only fragments, and possibly contrived ones at that, of her personality. The incel convinces himself that no other woman is like her, and so he idolizes her. This type of person is less-prone to self-harm, but regardless is the most dangerous of the three types to society at large, and ironically, the their objects of desire. The moment the illusion is shattered, the moment he realizes that the person he envisioned is not real, danger is imminent.

There is nothing cool about letting your boyfriend get executed for something he didn't do.

  Answer:Thank you anon! You are a good anon! Give me cool aloof wife! Give me strong knight wife!

  Answer:I love that women are so scared of volcels, they just need to conflate us with incels. Stay mad roastie.

  Answer:What! Catherine is my Fire Emblem wife anon and Shamir is a cute wife anon but I am male anon and I am wife scholar anon so give me double wife anon! Give me double mommy knight wifes!

be an incel
don't hate women
not a waifufag
definitely not an orbiter
I mean i do fap to cartoons but it doesn't fit the actual description of it at all, anime girls are objectively hotter and you can imprint some fetishes that you can't in actual women, but i still fap to normal porn more often than not

  Answer:I'd prefer the anime looking mommy gfs at Nintendo to the CG mommy gfs Sony would give us

  Answer:every guy can get laid by getting a haircut and taking a shower
incels exist
pick one(1)

  Answer:what causes young men to become incels?
Impressionable young men usually don't realize that they are impressionable at all. They may scoff at the thought of video games causing real world violence or violent tendencies, yet in the same breath would not question platitudes regarding how nice guys lose, or that women are only interested in sex and money. It is hard to judge just how much of their condition is caused by their surroundings, and how much of it is self-inculcated. The younger the man, the more impressionable, so often men that give up the idea of finding a woman that might accept them by the time they are in college often the ones with the most rigid mind; the longer you believe in something, regardless of what that something is, the harder it is to stop believing in that. The unfortunate truth is that being primates, humans can't fully divorce themselves of their innate instincts of survival; we have a need to put people and things in hierarchies. And similar to other primates, the ones that are considered to belong to the lowest caste are often ignored or ridiculed. The people that know best what the incel mind goes through are other incels, so it ultimately ends up being a question of personal strength - will the incel do something to change the things he doesn't like about his life, or will he let his mind become a slave to the solutions offered to him by people in his position that have resigned themselves?

  Answer:Catherine is like the least mommy of the mommy tier girls in Three Houses. In terms of sheer momminess it goes:

Rhea Mercedes Manuela Shamir Catherine

  Answer:Honestly I think this one is actually more common than the others, just not on 4chan because most people here are too cynical to fall for that thing. But just look at how popular female streamers are on Twitch for example. Most of their followers are probably orbiters.

  Answer:What! Catherine is athletic mommy that does raise you to be fit anon and she is fitness mommy that does make you big and strong anon because she does want strong young man in her life anon and when you are old enough anon she does start partner workouts with you anon and she does do yoga poses for you anon and she does ask you to massage her anon after workouts anon! Give me athletic mommy wife! Give me fitness mommy wife!


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