Question:Spyro Humble Monthly Fallout

  Answer:Yes, but it's better to wait until they reveal the next one. They won't charge you until the end of next month anyway, and if you unsubscribe after seeing the new bundle they'll try to stop you with a discount.

  Answer:Ironically there was a COD BLOPS 4 humble month (the game with no campaign) and it was the worst Humble Monthly

  Answer:some get $3 off if they pretend that they're unsubbing
source: my imagination just now
I get it that it's cheap but please don't overreact and make up things like a woman

  Answer:Beeing pc gamers for years.
I didn't release steamfags was a thing.
Should understand that when i see those wojaks poster thinking pc gaming was only a steam.

  Answer:But this deal isn't on Steam, that's the point. Crash and Spyro will never be this cheap on Steam.

  Answer:So steam? I mean isn't that why steams basically xbox live indie games, steam is quite literally a reskin of xbox lives indie game store from 360 days, absolute cancer

  Answer:That's like saying that there shouldn't be any shops in the world allowed to resell preowned games as its not fair to retards that paid full price, kys steam drone incel

  Answer:The point is:
- if you buy on steam, you get the games on steam
- if you buy on humble, you get the games on steam
It's the exact same outcome. It's not like buying on steam has any benefits.
(Except it does: steam has an automatic refund policy, humble does not.)

  Answer:Steam isn't going away. It will lose its (near-)monopoly position due to Epic.
Humble Bundle depends on luring suckers in with good deals like this one and then staying subscribed because they forget to cancel and get attached to their monthly dopamine rush from the lootbox system.
But if enough people cancel in time, they will go under.

  Answer:some get $3 off if they pretend that they're unsubbing
They literally do that, this is my first time I pay for a humble and when I was cancelling they asked me if I would stay for 9 instead of 12

  Answer:Yeah monopoly is the wrong word. I mean position of power where they can take a large cut because publishers can't afford to not have their game on steam. They'll lose that power but they won't go under.

  Answer:A couple of threads with steam discussion collected screen shots
Some CREATIVE and INTELLIGENT faggot decides to spice it up with another LE EPIC wojak as well
Every time

  Answer:I kinda disagree, but it depends on the context.

For example you always see retards who bought console X in anticipation of game Y that never came out. If they had just waited for the games release they would have saved their money and avoided getting a paperweight console that they don’t use. If the game did eventually come out they could have gotten the console much cheaper by waiting anyway.

  Answer:based and true
why can't zoomers understand this? no wonder video games are dying with all these morons who buy literally anything

  Answer:Yeah, and it’s not very compelling as an adult. I’ve only played the first one though - two and three might be better. I picked up the HD collection after never playing them as a kid (64 owner) and playing Spyro 1 is like the video game equivalent of watching Sesame Street. There is honestly not much there for an adult to enjoy - and I’m someone who has never minded playing kids games like Mario, DK, Jak, Sky, Ratchet and Clank, Kirby etc.

  Answer:This is Nintendo’s entire marketing scheme. Nintendo games never drop below $60 AUD, even after they’re 10 years old.

  Answer:The CoD addition is so weird and out of place.

I guess little kids are the target audience for CoD games nowadays anyway.

  Answer:Actually feels more like the 30 year old lapsed gamer bundle

They remember Spyro and Crash but didn't jump on their rereleases
Haven't kept up with COD at all so don't own COD WW2

  Answer:video games are dying with all these morons who buy literally anything
this sentence doesnt make sense

lmfao, CoD was almost always a kids game. By the time WaW launched it was full kids mode.

  Answer:The CoD addition is so weird and out of place
Maybe, but I haven't keep with the series since blops 2, so I want to give it a try

  Answer:But they had already paid the price they deemed equivalent to the product they received at the time.
Steam sales ruined pc gaming.

  Answer:What does being an adult have to do with it? Does being an adult effect your ability to enjoy something?

  Answer:As I said, I never played it as a kid, but kids are generally more easily entertained by simple things with bright colours (ala Sesame Street). The gameplay in Spyro 1 is so simple and so easy that there isn’t really much to enjoy as an adult. Almost all of the dialogue from the dragons is them telling you things that any adult has already worked out themselves, and there’s essentially two enemy types in the game (enemies you kill with headbut and enemies you kill with flame breath).

I’m not saying the game is bad or anything since I’m obviously not the target audience. I just don’t think it has much to offer as an adult bar maybe the music.

  Answer:pc has no games .jpg
includes a bunch of console port tier trash
My Steam and GoG library only amount to 230 games and I'd still be able to fill up a bunch of spaces in the more recent years with PC exclusives. Step it up anon

  Answer:The keys are delivered for Steam though :)
And i no i haven't bought them before this offer
When is EGS doing sales again? :)

  Answer:Is this just Humble marketing?
If so it worked. I've been waiting for a good sale on Crash anyway. Spyro's just a bonus.

  Answer:Selling keys is against their terms of service (gifting is not). Valve can see it easily, if they see that people from different parts of the world are activating keys that were assigned to your Humble account.
The question is if you care that they know.

  Answer:Man i wonder what's worse

You subjecting a woman to sex

Thank god it's never happened though

  Answer:If you were willing to pay $40 for the game, then that's what it's worth to you
But commie babbys wouldn't understand.

  Answer:That isn't anywhere near proof though. I have plenty of friends that I don't have on steam, but I'd gift steam keys to and they're from everywhere from Argentina to Russia to Japan

It's not that clear if I had to be honest.

And by this I mean I accidentally bought a 12 month sub for a friend instead of the 1 month I wanted and had to file for a refund.

  Answer:I just signed up to get this stuff and the Manage Subscription page says the next billing date is the 30th of November.

  Answer:and the Manage Subscription page says the next billing date is the 30th of November.

Make sure to unsub before then

  Answer:It's not proof, but they'll know what's up.
They have a lot of data, they can detect these things.
You can probably make a bit of money this way, but getting away with it on a bigger scale is probably difficult.

  Answer:activision does a good thing for once
people cry
activision games almost never go on sale

  Answer:You're not showing the gift option, faggot.

Nah I got a gift link for a friend.

There's a box you have to check at the very beginning explicitly stating the cost and when you'll be charged for renewal. Then you still have to go through checkout, and confirm your order. Selecting the gifting option is at the end. Your hand is being held all the way through.

  Answer:Nah, nothing ever this good. Last month was good with Sonic Mania and Battletech, but those were old games at this point.

  Answer:Thanks, OP. I've been waiting for Spyro and Crash to be 50 percent off, but getting them for 6 dollars each is a steal, plus I can get like 5 other random games?

Lore rape central that bastardises the rules for no reason as well
Off yourself

  Answer:Yeah, though I imagine the undercard of games to be weak this month. You have to buy these monthlies based on the upfront game, as sometimes the hidden games can be total dreck, but they can sometimes be really good, as I've gotten a few surprises

  Answer:If you like the tabletop and the lore of it, you will hate it.
If you want a brainless, easy to cheese, insultingly easy mech """tactical""" game with locked down options then yeah you'll be fine.

  Answer:i discard personal politics whenever theres a great deal, bought fallout on gg for a dollar

  Answer:I hate the shadowrun games as well, the lore rape isn't quite as severe in those vs battletech, but the rules rape is slightly more severe in them vs battletech

  Answer:The other games suck 90% of the time. You only ever subscribe to get the headliners, which are great this month.


  Answer:Is there any benefits to pausing or cancelling other than you get a bigger discount if you cancel?

  Answer:The discount price is the true price, the nondiscount price is just artificially inflated for suckers or the rare person who needs to have the game immediately for some reason, like starting reviewers and letsplayers.

  Answer:You can buy the monthly now, but hitting pause or unsub can sometimes lead you to a dialogue menu of getting a discount on it.

  Answer:Thanks, that's all I wanted to know.
Yes, cancelling gives you 3$ discount while pausing gives 2$

  Answer:What about the publishers that keep to their promise of never offering a sale in the first 12 months and, even when the game is 10 years old, tend to go 25% or 33% off at most?

  Answer:you know only a few do that.
Even not a year old super critical acclaimed indie games now are free on Epic.

Buying a game it's becoming a risk

  Answer:the funny thing is, your stupid thread is calling retards to trigger the community forums, and it is so damn obvious

  Answer:It's a meme about how 5ft11in is a different world compared to being 6ft. He's not actually 5ft11in he's probably like 4ft5in.

  Answer:Imagine being content with buying a game for a certain price, completing it, and then being pissy because the price dropped a month later.

  Answer:That's not uncommon nowadays. Non-Nintendo games are basically worthless. They give away games for free all the time on steam and whatnot

  Answer:The only reason Nintendo games are more expensive is because their userbase will literally pay anything they ask. Tendies get a 5 year old indie PC game that was $20 at launch and they'll gladly drop $40 or more on it.

  Answer:Not only that, you get three more games next month. Probably one of the best bundles in a while.

  Answer:God I can only imagine what we'll get. I'd love if it were some real indie heavy hitters.

  Answer:Because there's a large group of people that sincerely thinks a game is only """valid""" on a Nintendo platform.

  Answer:Not him but I tried since I was curious but doent work, the file is not being recognized and doenst show up

  Answer:I was confused because it said they were under October 2019 bundle and it’s October. So you pay for the next months bundle then?

  Answer:So you pay for the next months bundle then?

No, you are paying for this month bundle which is spyro + cod + crash and some other games that were not yet revealed. And once this month is over you pay for the next month (if you are still subbed)

  Answer:I actually figured it out, but im still dumb with this stuff anyways, could do much modding myself

  Answer:I suppose you made this model yourself? I only found the fauna one on nexus but cant find this one.

  Answer:That was more than just Valve and that was about discounting with no input or approval from publishers or indies. The store cant determine the value. This humble bundle was approved by Activision.

  Answer:I tried to get a refund and they shot me down only 70 min played too.

can I appeal it or something?

  Answer:getting rid of any sort of fun with the dlc guns
but that's a good thing you faggot
unless you enjoy getting raped by a guy who dumped his life savings into lootboxes

  Answer:why not just refund it and buy it for 4? or is that not allowed?
buying day one

  Answer:I too get my opinions from AVGN

here's a better example - a full priced glorified balance patch for 10 years old fighting game with hardly any new content. and they're going to do it again soon and they will get away with it because lolicon coomers

  Answer:Skill points and a little polish for Spyro 1, but then the game has FPS bugs if you run it over 30, so eh. Also the Spyro 3 tweaks are pretty great, the side-characters feel a lot better to play and Agent 9 is straight up a third-person-shooter now.

  Answer:buy thing on sale
nobody cares
steal thing from store
people angry
we live in a society honk honk

  Answer:I didn't know he did a Teras Kasi review. Will have to go watch it. But I'm 32, played it when it came out, was incredibly bad to me even then. Especially when I'd just been playing stuff like Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron, and DF2: Jedi Knight.

  Answer:I'm trying to take what James Rolfe says about newish games with a huge grain of salt because he tends to take janky games like Trespasser and make fun of them. But if your experience is genuine then I give back your honor.

  Answer:They sell loads of games, and it stacks with sale prices. Its worth keeping until the last day in case anything pops up

  Answer:You have until November 1st to buy this bundle, and you have until November 29th to cancel before you are automatically charged again.

  Answer:Games cost 60?+ pre-order bonuses + season passes + DLCs + in-game cash shop because you normie retards KEEP BUYING THEM LIKE THIS.

  Answer:hey. my outrage culture thread was a little less full of faggots than i liked last time
oh! this time, i'll edit in a wojak

  Answer:Yeah great way to ensure sales continue to suck as they have since 2011.
"no point in making a great sale since itll just be bad PR anyways, make them pay more"

  Answer:okay so just unsub on the 30th and resub if any of the next months games end up being good got it

  Answer:CoD was almost always a kids game.
The first 4 Call of Duty games were aimed at adults.
They were even used as a military training regimen at one point in the mid-2000s.


Humble store prices are very rarely decent even with the discount, and I've been a Monthly sub since day 1.

  Answer:It's not even about active thought and emotion, it's also a passive part of any brand. Nintendo games rarely going on significant discount is an obvious video game example. It's actually an important concept in Japan, people there like paying full price for things, being thrifty is looked down upon there.

  Answer:Thanks for the ad, I bought it and almost forgot to unsubscribe until I started writing this post.

  Answer:2 and 3 have some added features and moves that add a bit to the gameplay loop, but they're still pretty easy.


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